Welcome to Pangea. To experience this Preview of Episodes 1 and 2… Bring headphones! And pen and paper! At the moment, Pangea is only available for Android Devices.

Download Pangea for Android devices here (Samsung, Pixel, Huawei, OneNote, etc.)

If you get stuck, see step-by-step download details below.

Android Download Details
The android link above opens an app package file (.apk), for you to install the app on your phone. It will prompt you to use your Google Drive account to access the file.

(If you have an android phone, but not a google drive account, please request email access for Pangea)

1) Click on the link. You may be asked if you want to install the app package.
Depending on your phone settings, you may need to accept accessing files from Google Drive.

2) Your phone will ask if you want to install the application. Click “Install”.
You may receive a warning that the app has been built by un-recognised developers. Don’t worry, that’s because we are a small-scale theatre company and not google!

3) The application will install. This may take a few moments. Click “Open” when prompted.

When the app is running, you may get a prompt from your phone to “Allow Recording.” Click “Allow.” Don’t worry – the app won’t actually record you.

If you have any issues downloading the app, email home@limbiktheatre.com.

Thanks! Team Limbik