“It is said that seals have the ability to take on human form…”
Gordon Bok, “Peter Kagan and the Wind”


Winner of the Prague Fringe Festival Creative Award

Edinburgh Festival Reviews:

**** The Public Reviews
**** Three Weeks
**** Scotsgay
**** Scotsman

Peter –a quiet, awkward fisherman– still lives at home with his acerbic and overbearing mother. One fateful night, he brings a seal-woman home from the sea. As Sally grows into life on land, their hopes and secrets catastrophically collide in this funny, moving, and visually striking retelling of a selkie myth. With simple staging and haunting live music, The Harbour unearths an over-fished world filled with impossible desires.

Sally / Trawlerman: Sarah Johnson
Betty / Sealman / Trawlerman: Will Pinchin
Peter / Marjorie / Trawlerman: Ben Samuels
Musician: Sarah Moody

Created by Sarah Johnson, Will Pinchin and Ben Samuels
with special thanks to Juan Ayala
Music composed by Sarah Moody
Directed by Claire Coaché
Written by Ben Samuels
Script Editor Lisle Turner
Lighting Design by Pablo Fernandez Baz

Produced by Limbik with support from Arts Council England, East.

“Such rebles are the reason we venture forth to the theatre… one quickly relaxes into total confidence in the troupe’s ability to conjure and entertain, which is a rare treat.”
The Prague Post

“A masterclass in surreal storytelling.”
East Anglia Daily Press.

“The relationship between land and sea and the characters that inhabit both are explored in this haunting tale; beautifully told through Limbik’s production of The Harbour… this imaginative one act production combines many story telling techniques to take the audience on a journey to a non-specific harbour town where we are drawn into the lives of the inhabitants.” Rachel Sheridan, The British Theatre Guide

“For Limbik, simple props become startling and unexpected images, white wellingtons become flapping and gasping halibut or cod. The same boot soles transform into large fish snapping at bait, and polythene wrappers are jelly fish expanding and contracting in the sea.
James Holloway, East Anglia Daily Times