In a backyard near you, in the not-too distant future, four women from four corners of the globe float in mid-air.

They are fleeing war, poverty, debt and environmental destruction. Trying to improve their lives, they have agreed to work as society’s latest consumer craze — Semplica Girls: living human garden ornaments, suspended in every lucky family’s backyard by a thin wire which runs through each of their brains. As the reality of what they have signed up for, and who they are literally stuck with, becomes clear, what unites and divides them will be paramount in their struggle to endure the ordeal.

In this moment of mass exodus and the human struggle for safer shores, award-winning limbik Theatre looks into the future and wonders where we might be heading.

Inspired by George Saunders’ short story The Semplica Girl Diaries, and developed in collaboration with Olivier-award winning writer Bola Agbaje, Limbik’s new show asks: What would you do for a better life?