The Forecast – Trailer (2017)

The Forecast Trailer (2017) from Ben Samuels on Vimeo.

In a backyard near you, in the not-too-distant future, four women from four corners of the globe float in mid-air.

Fleeing war, poverty, debt and environmental destruction, they have agreed to work as society’s latest consumer craze, the status symbol for every middle class household. Their new job:

Human garden ornament.

As the reality of what they have signed up for (and who they are literally stuck with) becomes clear, this four-way odd couple bicker, banter and are forced to confront what freedom really means to them.

Inspired in part by George Saunders’ short story “The Semplica Girl Diaries”, and developed in collaboration with Olivier-award-winning playwright Bola Agbaje, The Forecast is a big, bonkers and prescient piece about what people are willing to sacrifice for a better life.

Prepare for songs, shadows, and a whirl of giant dresses on wheels. And women hanging by a thread. (Literally).